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NF Pet is a round-based game full of memories and highly restored, integrating pet development and strategy. Players act as a trainer, if wild pets are encountered in the pet world, they can be captured and cultivated. The game also implements an evolution system that is loyal to the original. The evolved pets have brand-new skills and stronger combat capabilities.


When the player upgrades the experience of fighting monsters, they will also automatically upgrade their pets, which are divided into 6 levels: common, rare, precious, epic, deity, legend. When the player clears the stage, they are rewarded with experience bonuses and tokens.
Equipment can be bought in the store, users can also purchase experience bonus cards, token bonus cards and temporary combat power bonus cards.
Participating in Staking with NF,  the APR is based on the fluctuation of the secondary market.
Special equipment can increase the extra experience of fighting and upgrades. Each stage will reward extra tokens. Equipment can be recycled in trading market.

Latest News

The emergence of blockchain technology has led to the creation of a next-generation digital distribution platform, providing various types of electronic games (MMO games, crypto games and AAA games) that can be transmitted to the rapidly growing digital game community. NFT has also emerged. The full name of NFT is Non Fungible Token, which can be traded and transferred. NFT can do everything a traditional token does, but the value of the asset is different. Due to the irreplaceability of NFT, NFT matches the virtual currency world with its value in real objects.

Team introduction

NF is a company registered under the laws of Malta.
The technical team has many years of experience in game development and blockchain, and our mission is to build a first-class game and ecosystem.

How to Obtain NF Token:
Upgrades. Players can get corresponding token rewards after each stage is clear.
Pet bonus. Pets of different stages will receive corresponding token rewards after player passed. At the same time, pets will produce tokens every 24 hours.
The higher pets level gets more token rewards.
Equipment bonus. The number of token bonuses obtained by clearing different stages of equipment is also different. When the equipment is damaged, you will not participate in the token bonus. You need to repair it in time and consume a certain amount of token to continue to get it. Higher equipment levels gets more bonus, and the degree of wear are also different.
Referral rewards.
Union income.
Staking rewards.
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