Token Sale
Token Sale
  ​​NF is a digital competitive blockchain game built on Binance Smart Chain. Anyone can get token rewards through proficient skill and contribution to the ecosystem. All games have a sharing economy, including currency purchasing, pet purchasing, pet breeding, DeFi lending, equipment upgrades, staking governance rights, decentralized NF trading market and other practical services and operations, it will be used in further application of future games.
Token Name: NF Token
Token Type: BEP-20
Token Ticker: NF
Token Supply: 100,000,000
Public Sale
Duration: Mar.18th 2021 - Apr.2nd 2021 Total Quota: 5000 shares
Per Share: 300USDT (Two shares per address at most)
Release Rules: 10% will be released the day before listing on exchange, and the remaining 90% will be released for 2 months (45% per month). 
NF Token Exchange Address
NF is recognized by the smart contract and automatically issued to the corresponding address of the wallet.
       All funds are jointly responsible by the NFT Community Foundation, and will be used to support the secondary market.

Citizens of the following regions need to learn about local laws and policies before participating:
                     US, China (Mainland), AF, BA, ET, GY, IR, IQ, KP, LA, PK, LK, SY, TT, TN, UG, VU, YE, RU, TR, CY, MT, VG, KY, BM, GG, JE and IM                                                           

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